Synergy Physical Therapy

Synergy Physical Therapy is an elite, highly specialized rehabilitation facility that provides unprecedented care to patients of all fitness levels and capabilities.

  • Project: Website, Branding
  • Role: UX, UI, Identity
  • Online:


Syngery felt their current brand did not reflect their expertise in physical therapy. They were in need of a new brand design and a fresh direction that would be used on branded promotional material. This also prompted a redesign of their website to make it responsive and would add their branding that we created for them. They had an outdated site and wanted to completely overhaul the brand throughout their offices and advertising. All these needs came together for a fun project to work on for them.


Synergy did not have a responsive website, but had a large number of mobile users they wanted to provide their services to and kept hearing how hard it was to find their location. We looked at traffic from their site at the time and found a great deal of that traffic coming form mobile devices.



I created some simple flows for their site to outline the page navigation and user flows. They wanted to keep it as simple as possible for people to not get lost too deep within the site. They have many elderly patients who get physical therapy as well as younger teenagers who have high school sport injuries. The concern was too robust of a website.

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Brand Design

Their brand had previously felt very “tribal” and did not align with their company culture and direction. I created a brand that was strong and sleek, and mirrored their focus and care for “balance” and “alignment” throughout both their company and the physical therapy lifestyle. We had them give their thoughts and input throughout the process but really trusted us with the outcome of what we felt would really communicate the brand to their users.

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For more information check out Synergy PT.