Phoenix Suns

The Phoenix Suns are an American professional basketball team playing in Phoenix, Arizona.

  • Project: Website Redesign
  • Role: IA, UX, Content
  • Online:


At the Phoenix Suns, my team redesigned and launched the new responsive website that was initiated by the NBA League Offices. Previously, NBA teams were using separate mobile sites for phone access and the NBA finally moved towards a full CMS change and redesign of all websites lead by the team staff at each franchise. Needless to say, the previous mobile sites had not been working well with the amount of content and advertising sponsors that needed to be included throughout the website.


Some of our main goals were to index all the content and complete an audit of what would transfer over to the new site and what would get tossed out or edited down. Another important goal was to keep our relationship strong with the league office in communicating our direction and progress on a weekly basis. Finally, one of our biggest goals was to make sure the content on the site responded well to browser size changes in an ever changing fluid environment of web devices.


These redesigns were led and planned by our the digital team and broken up into smaller project teams within the individual organization. My capacity on the project was to assist with the IA and UX planning of flows and content. I also added and updated a lot of the CSS within certain sections of the site. We looked at what Drupal was capable of doing in the CMS and worked with key stakeholders within the Suns organization on our direction and what fans would need in a new site.

Some key user needs we found were access to tickets, schedule and the news section. These pages received most of our traffic through mobile devices. After completing some user flows throughout the website, we did some early A/B testing on the homepage while we built out different possible templates to use for the overall structure of the site.

One the biggest challenges were image assets and responsive fluidity around these. There was a lot of work done on getting these ready for 1x and 2x viewing. However, we had to balance this with the sites overall size and needing it to be fast and reliable in delivering information quickly to our fans.


After indexing and auditing our previous website’s content, we migrated a lot of it to the new CMS, Drupal. Within the design we created a site that centered around our brand and the somewhat new brand changes that had been created. It was a large shift from the previous site design which was outdated and stagnant within the brand styles. Much of the site was designed around our digital news content. More of a newspaper type feel of content and scrolling was adopted as a way to give our fans a lot of content to read on a daily basis.

Our team regularly met up to talk about what we were working on the progress we had made. Design critiques were common on a weekly basis to give feedback to each other and for us all to be on the same page about our constraints.



Increased traffic to mobile grew exponentially as did visitor time as well. We were very pleased with how everything turned out - especially considering the size and scope of the site. Our site was used as a template for other NBA teams in their redesign projects by the league office. Stakeholders were very pleased and after the launch of the site celebrated us in a lot of ways. I was fortunate to be a part of the redesign and I learned a lot about handling such a huge project with a lot of tight constraints.

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