Flagstaff Marathon

The Flagstaff Marathon is an annual marathon event and race held in Flagstaff, AZ. This event has hundreds of runners participating in varying racing distances.

  • Project: Branding
  • Role: Identity


As a former runner and resident of Flagstaff, the 11th edition of the Flagstaff Marathon was great to be a part of. The event will kick off in September of 2016 with hundreds of participants from all over Arizona and the nation. The organization approached me to do some branding for the event that would be used on a lot of different mediums, both digitally and print.


When initially talking about the project and what it would look like, we landed on a few goals from the outset. Create a new logo and brand direction that would attract more competitive runners from other states to race in.


Their previous brand and logo had a lot going on and really didn't represent the running community in Flagstaff very well. It was a runner’s silhouette on a mountain, with six different colors throughout it. We had some work to do. We looked a lot of different marathons around the country and what some of the most well known athletic brands in running were also up to.

Many of the past logo colors were very bland and neutral. We narrowed it down to some more vibrant colors that would be attractive to both men or women. This color palette was flexible enough that it can be used in both men’s and women’s apparel for the marathon swag bag.


Flagstaff’s running community is very robust and close, and many elite athletes train and live within the city itself. We wanted to do something with lines to represent the lines that most runners run next to or on. Whether that’s a pedestrian lane, sidewalk, track or forrest trail. This also made it easy to use on a number of different mediums as an overlay on top of different backgrounds and filled colors.



By updating the colors to be more bright and playful, this reflected the newfound vision and direction for the overall event. At handoff, the committee and everyone involved were very pleased and loved the new direction and identity. They were so well please they already have talked to me about doing the following year’s design directions and have some plans to do even more with the event. I hope to go and see the race and all the hard work in action soon.

For more information check out the Flagstaff Marathon.