American Outlaws

The American Outlaws are an unofficial supporters' group for the United States men's national soccer team and United States women's national soccer team. As described by ESPN they are "a raucous group of U.S. supporters”.



The American Outlaws Phoenix chapter wanted to update their brand and logo. This chapter is a part of the National American Outlaws Association, who is the official fan organization of the US Men's National Soccer Team. The director approached me to see if I would be interested and as a big supporter of US National soccer I loved the idea.


The goal was to create a simple visual identity which was centered around a new logo, and would be used on a scarf (because soccer fans love their scarves). The key elements to be used in the design were: the Arizona flag, American colors and iconic imagery, and a font that could be used with the revamped identity.


We looked at a lot of different soccer club teams and their supporter groups. The design had to be something unique to AZ and the US yet simple enough to use on a scarf design and used digitally across different mediums. We decided to go forward with a patch like design that had enough versatility to be used on these different mediums.


The design we chose to use from the beginning was one with an eagle in it. From there, a lot of different directions were developed. The biggest challenge was trying to use some sort of Arizona type element within that. The most obvious piece to involve was the star and rays that are a part of the flag.

image image


The final design used both the American eagle and star and rays from the AZ flag within the patch like shape. I’ve seen a ton of different fans with the scarf at games, which is always so fun to see people using something you have designed.

For more information check out the American Outlaws.